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Welcome to Toledo-Bend.US

Toledo Bend Lake Photo Gallery
Pictures from the whole Toledo Bend Lake Area

Each of the Gallery Pages contains a selection of thumbnail images. Click on any image for an enlarged version that opens within the window - if the enlargement is too big for the window, you can move it around with your mouse cursor.

Toledo Bend Gallery

This is a gallery of pictures taken by Webmaster (Frank Dutton) around the Toledo Bend Lake area.

We generally add updates at least once a month - though that can depend on what I've had time to photograph and what I could find!

Our mission is to provide as wide a selection as possible of nature photos from this area for your enjoyment. We try to provide pictures that are both artistic for your enjoyment as well as informative for those of our visitors who are using them as reference for identification - just as we use a number of different perspectives of a given species to aid in its identification. If you find any mistakes or wish to offer help on our unidentified species, we will greatly appreciate hearing from you.


This image is from (excellent place for photo equipment reviews / information). To get the most out of an image, a monitor should be calibrated. On my monitors, I can make out the difference between all 26 bands of this image. At minimum, to get a really good look at images, you should be able to differentiate AT LEAST between A, B, C and X, Y, Z.
Grayscale from

Frank Dutton's photos have been used by:

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  • Sabine Parish Tourism Commission - A Visitor's Guide to Toledo Bend Lake Country
  • Peoples State Bank 100th Anniversary Calendar

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Latest additions / updates:

2011-08-12 - Added a Six-lined Racerunner in Reptiles and some new Assassin Bugs (don't get carried away with excitement, please) in Bugs - More UV pictures of Scorpion - with Cricket as prey

2011-07-27 - Added info and tests UV Filters: What Difference?; info on Canon 70-300mm f4-5.6L IS USM lens; more wasps, Swallowtail butterflies, and robber flies. If you want to shoot Striped Bark Scorpions in their habitat, you need a black light (UV) - here are some UV and flash shots of a couple of them, and a Southern Pearly-eye Butterfly I caught sleeping on a pine tree.

2011-07-10 - Added more wasps, bees, flies and spiders.

2011-07-03 - Added hundreds of ne pictures - Barn Swallows feeding young - Many new Wasps and got a lot of old wasps identified - and lots of others!

2011-05-22 - Added new species Tumbling Flower Beetle and a Wild McCartney Rose which is edible.

2011-05-09 - Added new Common True Katydid Nymph and some new wildflower & butterfly pictures.

2011-04-24 - Added Opteka/Rokinon/Phoenix Telephoto Lens Review, and 75 new nature photos across the spectrum - beetles, bees, wildflowers, butterflies.

2011-04-03 - Added more new pictures and 2 new species: Orange Azaleas and Fringetree - both really beautiful!

2011-03-28 - Added over 120 new pictures including some beautiful Hoary Azaleas shot at Hodges Gardens State Park March 26 just as they're coming into bloom.

2011-03-17 - Added a lot of new flower pictures and got some of the unknowns identified - but, also got some new shots of Northern Flicker Courtship & Mating and Baby Eagle in Nest.

2011-02-18 - It seems as though it has been a long, cold winter. Then I remember growing up in Ohio and realize that some cold days and a few nights in the mid-20's isn't really so awfully bad! There hasn't been a lot to photograph - or, at least, not the will to get out in the cold to do it. Some bugs and plants have gone from Unidentified to Identified, so that helped a bit. But, with spring about to arrive, some good picture opportunities should come with it. Meanwhile, a new addition has been made - The Butterfly Project - building a butterfly / moth feeder and, upcoming, trying different food recipes to see what works best.

Poisonour or Edible

2010-12-13 - The new section for Poisonous or Edible Wildflowers has been completed - but isn't finished. This is to say there is enough there to make it a section now, but as new species are added to the site that are either edible or poisonous, they will be added and as time permits additional research into the species we have that are not mentioned, a number of those may also be added. So, do check back from time to time as this section continues to grow.

2010-12-06 - A new section has been added within the Wildflowers: Poisonous or Edible? - where various area plants are featured with information about their food values or poison warnings. Currently this section is just beginning, so check back periodically as it grows! Any plants listed in this section will also be tagged with a link such as the image you see at the right.

2010-11-30 - Toledo-Bend.US, along with the other Toledo Bend area site, Toledo-Bend.Com, was honored by being a featured NovaSite! through AwardSites. It is nice to have years of work recognized and this recognition is greatly appreciated.

2010-10-27 - A new page has been added to the site that is long overdue. This page lists a number of people who have provided contributions in the form of identifying unidentified species or correcting misidentified species. This help is very much appreciated and this page is a small acknowledgement of that appreciation. Visit out THANKS page!

2010-10-11 - Added a new male Velvet Ant - the first male I've seen; it's easy to spot the females crawling on the ground - harder to spot the males flying around!

2010-09-26 - With things so dry in this area, it is difficult to find anything in the wild to shoot pictures of. The exception is the land where the lake has been dropping and there is some moisture from where the lake was... and a few wildflowers have been added that like that wet, muddy water's edge.

2010-09-17 Added "breadcrumb navigation" so visitors will always know just where they are in the site. Also added a few new insects and another very cool Deer Fly (the eyes are fantastic on Deer Flies!).

2010-09-12 - While no content has been added, there has been some tweaking to the way the translation works and is presented and work is being done to add "Back To Top" links through various long pages throughout the site to possibly make it a little easier to use for those who don't want to go all the way through every page. The navigation menu has been condensed a bit, too.

2010-09-09 - Added some new moth pictures - as yet unidentified - from a tree with some sap oozing out. These moths are night nectar feeders.

2010-08-27 - Aside from adding a few new wildflowers, the Unidentified ranks have been chopped down a bit by getting quite a few of them classified.

2010-08-17 - Aside from adding a lot of pictures - trees, dragonflies, spiders, bugs - a number of previously unidentified moths have now been added to the identified list - bringing that number to 48. In the Wildflowers - Trees section Bald Cypress has been added with a set of pictures that don't seem to be available anywhere else on the internet!! Pictures of the stages of reproduction (seed formation) in a female Bald Cypress. Also, finally, a male Common Whitetail Dragonfly. Beetles are generally thought of as very photogenic - but we like the new addition, a Figeater - large and pretty good looking (for a beetle).

2010-08-05 - We've added some new flower species as well as identifying a couple - New Butterfly - not something we often find - Lace-winged Roadside Skipper - some new bird pictures (Red-headed Woodpecker & a nice flight sequence for Great Egret) as well as bugs, dragonflies, bees and even an armadillo - and a shot I like - a Robber Fly killing a Dragonfly.

2010-07-24 - Added the Giga-Gallery - some extremely high resolution scenic panoramas... zoom in and see what you can find!

2010-07-05 - Last of the Osprey nest pictures as they fledged. Many more pictures added in several categories... some new, unidentified Wildflowers... wanna help me find out what they are?

2010-05-30 - We've made a lot of new additions - wildflowers, bugs and an Osprey nest with chicks in it, among others.


If you're into bird watching, check out the Toledo Bend Lake Area Birding Checklist - all of the birds you might expect to be able to see in the Toledo Bend Lake area.

Toledo Bend Lake Butterfly Guide

2-part guide to Toledo Bend Lake area butterflies - It's FREE and in full color - CLICK HERE for more info and to download it

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