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Welcome to Toledo-Bend.US

Toledo Bend Lake Photo Gallery
Pictures from the whole Toledo Bend Lake Area

Each of the Gallery Pages contains a selection of thumbnail images. Click on any image for an enlarged version that opens within the window - if the enlargement is too big for the window, you can move it around with your mouse cursor.

Toledo Bend Gallery

This is a gallery of pictures taken by Webmaster (Frank Dutton) around the Toledo Bend Lake area.

We generally add updates at least once a month - though that can depend on what I've had time to photograph and what I could find!

Our mission is to provide as wide a selection as possible of nature photos from this area for your enjoyment. We try to provide pictures that are both artistic for your enjoyment as well as informative for those of our visitors who are using them as reference for identification - just as we use a number of different perspectives of a given species to aid in its identification. If you find any mistakes or wish to offer help on our unidentified species, we will greatly appreciate hearing from you.


This image is from (excellent place for photo equipment reviews / information). To get the most out of an image, a monitor should be calibrated. On my monitors, I can make out the difference between all 26 bands of this image. At minimum, to get a really good look at images, you should be able to differentiate AT LEAST between A, B, C and X, Y, Z.
Grayscale from

Frank Dutton's photos have been used by:

  • Smithsonian Institution: National Museum of Natural History
  • South Toledo Bend State Park - Visitors' Center
  • Grand Marais, MN - Chik-Wauk Museum & Nature Center
  • Lake Fort Smith, Arkansas - Visitors' Center
  • Kodiak, Alaska - Visitor's Center
  • Jordan Lake State Recreation Center, North Carolina
  • Newport Beach California Visitors' Center
  • SRA Texas Annual Report
  • Louisiana Sportsman Magazine
  • Boating Life Magazine
  • Bird Watchers' Digest
  • Thunder Press
  • Offshore Frontiers MagazineFirst Baptist Church of Many - Billboard
  • City Social (Baton Rouge) Magazine
  • Texas TAKS Study Guide Grade 8 Science
  • Shelby Savings Bank - Hemphill, TX
  • Adventure Publications - Wildflowers Of The Carolinas - July, 2008
  • The Sabine Index Newspaper
  • The Sabine County Reporter Newspaper
  • The Lakecaster Magazine
  • Children's Science Magazine (Singapore/Hong Kong)
  • First Baptist Church of Many - Billboard
  • Shelby Savings Bank - Center, TX
  • Whiteshell Echo (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada))
  • Sabine County Chamber of Commerce - 2011 Membership Directory
  • West Baton Rouge Parish Library
  • Adventure Publications - Wildflowers of the Southeast - October, 2012
  • Sabine Parish Tourism Commission - A Visitor's Guide to Toledo Bend Lake Country
  • Peoples State Bank 100th Anniversary Calendar
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